Who Offers Car Jump-Start Services in the Laurel & Billings, MT Area?

Providing 24/7 jump-start service for local residents

We've all been there. You forgot to turn your headlights off, and now your car battery is dead. When this happens to you, reach out to a pro at Thin Line Towing and Recovery LLC for jump-start service. Our trustworthy technician will arrive quickly and get you back on the road in no time. We also offer tire changeout services for drivers who get a flat.

Call 406-598-7219 now to get car jump-start or tire changeout services in or around Laurel & Billings, MT.

Know when to contact a jump-start professional

Know when to contact a jump-start professional

How do you know if your car needs a jump-start? Contact us ASAP if your vehicle:

  • Does nothing when you turn your key in the ignition
  • Cranks when you turn the key, but refuses to start
  • Has an old battery that keeps dying on you
To ensure that your battery holds its charge, our expert will jump-start your car and stay with you until you drive away.

Don't get stranded - contact us today to receive efficient jump-start service in Laurel, Billings, MT or the surrounding areas.